Mar 30, 2015

6σ- A Critical Ingredient for Success

Business Wisdom of 6σ- A Critical Ingredient for Success

General Manager
Chen Wei-Wang

The world is changing more rapidly and more chaotically. Everybody feels confused and frustrated. The arrival of Mega Data Era makes the matter even worse. Being part of the global chemical technology industry, we are no exception. Six Sigma Management System is arguably one of the most effective tools for handling uncertainty with large amounts of data. In this Special Report, you will see how Statistics-enabled Six Sigma assists Everlight Chemical staff going across organizational boundaries, listening to the voice of key customers, carefully inspecting data and speculation, and eventually identifying the facts and taking right paths to solving problems.

Successful development of 6σ

Fifteen years ago Everlight Chemical Six Sigma Journey set sail because of customer requirements. It has not been decelerated by the passage of time. Instead, it continues to pick up the momentum and expand its scope of application. Being part of the Corporate Staff, Six Sigma Group has always been staffed with five to six people, including two with Master's degree in Statistics, two senior engineers with field experience. The Group constantly introduces new Six Sigma tools to cope with emerging front-line practical problems. Lively teaching methods and user-friendly computer tools are developed to help colleagues overcoming Statistics Learning Phobia. Six Sigma Group has also traveled to Hsinchu and Suzhou to help subsidiaries in lecturing and counseling.

Common language empowered by 6σ

Without the "carrot and stick" promotion incentives recommended by many consultants, Everlight Chemical builds its Six Sigma programs upon its unique Corporate Culture of Execution. As soon as the policy of Six Sigma implementation was clearly communicated and agreed, managers took off with all their strength. Six Sigma not only polishes Everlight Chemical's golden reputation of World Class Quality, but also brings substantial benefits to the organization and individuals, including enhanced problem-solving capability and team cohesion.

Continuous improvement and experience sharing

Everlight Chemical is glad to exchange Six Sigma experiences with customers and suppliers. In 2013, we were honored to host some twenty Chinese delegates who made a special trip to observe how Everlight Chemical Six Sigma works. We are happy to learn that they concluded their visit positively and returned home to restart their Six Sigma measures enthusiastically. Sincere bless to them that diligent works give rise to bumper harvest.

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