Feb 17, 2014

Green Technology

Window Film with Eversorb® Inside

In recent years, climate change and extreme temperature variations have led to the rapid growth of the energy conservation and green industries. Window film is a multilayered complex film used in windows and doors facing direct sunlight. It protects cars, ships, airplanes, buildings and greenhouses from outside heat and cold. It also protects them from shattering, beautifies exteriors, and prevents visual intrusion by strangers. Created from organic and inorganic materials in multilayered structures using colored dyes and sputtering procedures, window film absorbs or blocks out infrared radiation. According to research, window film can lower room temperatures by 2-3oC in summer and thereby decrease electricity consumption. Window film insulates the room from outside heat in summer and keeps interior heat from escaping in winter. It effectively improves quality of life and saves energy. While products featuring other absorbers work for only three years, those featuring Eversorb® are effective for nearly five years.

Collaboration with Customers for Product Differentiation

Since 2010, Everlight Chemical has been in partnership with a major window film manufacturer. The customer had previously used light stabilizers by other companies in the pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) layer of its window film with unsatisfying results. Responding to the customer’s needs, Everlight Chemical produced tailor-made liquid type Eversorb® light stabilizers. Three characteristics of the UV absorber significantly improved the quality of window film and the stability of the manufacturing process: 1. Wide spectrum UV absorption. 2. No migration. 3. No reduction in adhesion of PSA. Everlight Chemical understands the importance of product differentiation and devotes considerable resources to improving the formulas and manufacturing processes of products for customers. For instance, the customer’s product consisting of other UV absorbers lost effectiveness in less than 750 hours in accelerated weathering testing; however, with Eversorb®, which featured a new and improved formula, the customer’s product remained effective after 1,000 hours. This means, in real-life situations, the product featuring other absorbers works for only three years, while the product featuring Eversorb® is effective for nearly five years. Eversorb® greatly improves the competitiveness of the customer’s products.


Everlight Chemical Conserves Energy and Keeps the Earth Green

As concern for environmental protection and energy conservation grows, technological progress in these areas has quickly followed. Eversorb® products absorb UV rays and maintain the function of pressure sensitive adhesive, improving the durability of window film. Eversorb® makes an important contribution to the concept of “Better Chemistry Better Life.”

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