Dec 26, 2013

Green Coating

How Can Coatings Go Green?

Eversorb® AQ series can be directly added into waterborne coatings as the full range weather resistance solution. Eversorb® UR series can resolve the inadequate drying issue that occurred after adding light stabilizers into light curable coatings.

Simply put, "environmental efforts" are actions taken to "conserve energy and reduce carbon emissions." From actions in life as simple as turning off the light as you leave a room to saving electricity and taking the public transportation system to reduce CO2 emissions, we can go green everywhere we go. The rising environmental concerns have generated huge impacts on solventbased paints, and thus, developing environmental coatings has emerged to become an important issue nowadays.

How Can Coatings Go Green?
Vegetable oils were used as the primary ingredient for "coatings" in the past, and hence, they are called "paints". They can serve to protect and decorate surfaces of a product and are widely applied in our daily life. However, traditional coatings require a large amount of solvent and need extra heating procedures in the deployment and drying processes, and thus, they are very energy consuming. Under the collective effort of all parties involved, the high energy consuming and high polluting products have been transformed into environmental coatings, and mainstream coating products can be classified into "energy conserving coatings" and "carbon emission reduction coatings"
"Energy conserving coatings"- light curable coatings
Light curable coatings can be dried rapidly if exposed directly under UV rays, and this can increase productivity and reduce energy waste by 80%.

"Carbon emission reduction coatings" - waterborne coatings
For waterborne coatings, the volatile organic solvents in the coatings are replaced with water, as this type of coatings is non-toxic and odorless.

Green Coatings getting more Environmental Friendly
Although the technology to manufacture light curable coatings and waterborne coatings have progressed, they are still prone to UV ray damage after long exposure to sunlight, causing fading colors, reduced glossiness, cracks and peeling. Thus, by adding - Eversorb® , a series of light stabilizer products , in the coatings to absorb hazardouds UV rays, the environmental coatings can become even friendlier to the environment with improved weather resistance and extended lifetime. In light of this, the Specialty Chemical Division teamed up with the Six Sigma group to resolve the inadequate drying issue that occurred after adding light stabilizers into light curable coatings and develop the Eversorb® UR series products with experiment designs and statistic analysis methods. Additionally, common light stabilizers cannot be dispersed in aqueous solution system, and thus, Everlight Chemical presents Eversorb® AQ series as the full range weather resistance solution for waterborne coatings. It can be directly
added into waterborne coatings and features advantages such as easy use, great dispersibility and has no separation problem in waterborne coatings.

Better Chemistry Better Life
Environmental coatings are a trend of the future. Insisting on the philosophy of sustainable development and innovative breakthrough, the Specialty Chemical Division is committed to development of Eversorb®, a light stabilizer for environmental coatings. It has presented research results to international technology symposiums and international journals, and seeks to distinguish the brand of Everlight Chemical on the international arena by marketing its technology leadership, positioning Everlight Chemical as the top expert in the field of weather resistance solutions, offering customers safer and more environmental friendly products.

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