Dec 22, 2018

Digital Textile Inks

Because of the meticulous production processes, Everlight Chemical inks achieve excellent printing results. Ink is the key to digital textile printing. After over 10 years of research and development, Everlight Chemical offers a wide range of dyestuffs and inks for different fabrics and print heads. We provide excellent solutions for our clients, making the dream of digital printing come true and showing true value.

Textile Printing Represents Fashion

Fabric printing is an important element of fashion and an integral part of the dyeing and finishing industry, which helps designers create unique and versatile costumes for different distinctive characters, engendering unlimited possibilities for digital printing.

In the past, the predominant technology was combined flat and rotary screen printing, which required three to four months and was harsh on the environment. Digital textile printing obviates screens and reduces production time to one to two weeks. This technology allows for fast production of patterned fabric to keep up with seasonal fashion trends. Printing has become more technologically advanced, environmentally friendly, time-efficient, diversified, and is in sync with fashion.

Meticulous Development of Inks
Comparing inkjet printing equipment to automobiles, the print head is like the engine and the ink is the motor fuel. Bad fuel harms the engine. Without good fuel, even the best cars would be unable to run smoothly. Similarly, if the ink is the same as that used in traditional fabric printing, it will either fail to print or print haphazardly. In the worst cases, the print head will be damaged or blocked.
In the development of ink, Everlight Chemical emphasizes quality and maintains the highest standards. First of all, we select good dyestuff to ensure colorfastness. Secondly, we understand that the print head is a valuable precision machine part. Therefore, we treat our ink to make it finer than drinking water, to ensure excellent Printing quality.

Specialized Dyestuff Manufacturer
The application of digital printing requires the integration of inkjet printing equipment, inkjet ink, printing software, and textile preparation and finishing. The industry chain consists of machine and equipment manufacturers, software producers, ink manufacturers, and printing houses. However, only a few equipment manufacturers and software providers have expertise in chemicals or understand the discrepancy between dyestuffs and colors. For printing houses, the most important things are smooth printing processes, excellent printing results, and optimal production costs.
As a specialized dyestuff manufacturer, Everlight Chemical has comprehensive knowledge about the characteristics of different dyes and related laws and regulations and monitors every stage of the production of dyes and inks. Moreover, with knowhow in traditional textile printing, it is able to provide timely assistance for clients about production processes, ensuring their perfect satisfaction and expectation.

Making the Dream of Digital Textile Printing Come True

Everlight Chemical has over 10 years of experience in digital textile printing products and offers a wide range of dyestuffs and inks for different fabrics and print heads. We believe that only good products are able to give the industry a brilliant future and make the dream of digital textile printing come true.

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